About Me

I’m Kevin Burke, a Manchester-based web marketer with huge experience and proven results. It’s no secret that the online marketing industry is full of companies that offer a poor service, and it’s hard to find anyone at a low price-point that will do any SEO beyond analysis. Companies that offer reliable content writing or linkbuilding services often charge over £1,000 a month!

I offer a full SEO and marketing service to companies in all industries, providing high-quality content and relevant, authoritative linkbuilding at a low price.

Business services

Typical prices

Prices are based at £33.33 for each ‘block’ of work on your website. Although it is impossible to guarantee a certain amount of work completed within one block, it is based on the following:

  • 500 words of non-technical content, such as product descriptions or advertising pages
  • Between three and five backlinks
  • A 250-word press release - publishing this press release will likely take another half a block

Technical content, PPC and other services can be bundled into your agreed payments and will be charged at the same rate.

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